Sunday, 9 August 2009

Canal chat

Went for a walk with the kids this evening and had the pleasure of meeting Barry & June and their grandson Harry, aged 6. They have been in Lancaster for a few nights and plan to stay a couple more before heading up to Hest Bank.

Barry and June have lived full-time on Margaret Rose since retiring a couple of years ago. They love their new lifestyle, despite the odd compromise it entails. Confined spaces can sometimes lead to a bit of squabbling, they confided, but everyone looked happy and relaxed this evening!

Just before this, we met Jacqueline and Len on The Owl & The Pussycat who graciously agreed to have their photo taken. Perhaps we'll see them again tomorrow evening and find out a little more about their experiences living on a narrow-boat. Thanks to them all!


  1. What an interesting way of life! I like the name of that second one.

  2. I think there iquite a community of people who chose this lifestyle. London has lots of canal boats that are clearly lived on full time. be interesting to follow some for an extended period of time. I wonder if any of them blog?

  3. What a brilliant idea, Mo!

    Eamon, from me, would you please thank them for sharing their stories? I envy them their lifestyle and admire their courage in giving up a landline house for a mobile one.

    Yes, please ... more. Two bloggers from Australia are currently barging in France. Peter from Sunshine Coast and Michael from Melbourne. They each have a blog from their barge which you will be able to link to from their usual blog ... or from my sidebar. Postcards ...

  4. I think I would have to "test drive" one of these...they look OK for an afternoon cruise down the river, but a bit claustrophobic for living...

    Nice shots, of what appear to be very nice people! I can see where it would be an appealing lifestyle. No grass to cut or bushes to trim!

  5. I'm fascinated that some people can live for long periods in such small spaces. I'm not sure I could. I admire those who can.

  6. What a better place for a chat than a wonderful and quiet canal?! The boat looks so cool!

  7. Good idea Mo - ethnographic fieldwork is in my blood, and that sounds like a good project! Julie, I'll take a look at those blogs through your links - sound interesting. And I'll pass on your comments tonight (didn't make that direction last night), although they have a laptop on board so I'll make sure they have a look themselves!. Jacoc, YEGTG, JM and Lois, thanks for the comments - yes, an interesting lifestyle indeed.


Thanks for the comment in advance. All thoughts are appreciated ~ Eamon.