Tuesday, 18 May 2010

An impression of Jon Culshaw

I did get a chance to share a few words with Mr C at the very end of the evening as he slipped out ahead of other guests. A gentle soul, polite and respectful. Just wish I'd had more than 90 seconds to capture that. 

Monday, 17 May 2010

Lancashire black tie photography

I had the great pleasure of photographing guests at a charity dinner on Saturday evening, at the University of Central Lancashire's inaugural Harris Bursary Ball. Hard work made easy when you meet so many varied and interesting Lancastrians in one evening.

Having set up the background and lights, my first task was to capture two or three shots of each person / couple / group as they arrived. With only a couple of minutes to spend with each of them, I was humbled by their collective good-naturedness, and pleasantly surprised at how much personality can be captured through the eye of a fast lens.

It's hard to choose one image, but this young couple appeared to me thoroughly comfortable in their own skins as well as with each other; that's good enough for me! :-)