Saturday, 26 September 2009

Edwardian Market, Lancaster Unlocked (or Happy Hats)

Today's Saturday outdoor market in Lancaster's city centre was a themed day - Edwardian Market, Lancaster Unlocked.

The markets were even busier than usual, with traders and other locals dressed for the part. From my perspective, it was a welcome opportunity to capture a series of portraits. There had always been a plan to do something on the markets, but today was a gifted opportunity to highlight some of the characters who make them happen. The two gents above run stalls selling French breads and fruit and veg, and the lovely couple below run the second-hand book stall. Don't they all look the part? More photos to follow over the next few days - hope you enjoy them.

And here are three locals I found browsing the stalls, one of whom you've met on previous posts in this blog..

Friday, 25 September 2009

Portrait of a Lancaster cow

Facetious Friday: Sometimes you just feel like mooing.


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Textures, Sunderland Point

A final swan song from Sunderland Point with some light on textures. For me, this represents the place fairly well: a flat, rugged landscape with scattered tidal debris.

I've just made an appointment in my mind to visit Sunderland Point on a severe and blustery day at high tide. Crashing waves and floating wood - ahh, bliss...

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Red evening boats, Sunderland Point

I can't help it, digging into the files for more shots from Sunderland Point; this time red boats in fading light. That's the last of them until our next trip there - I promise!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sunderland Point: Bench, House, Groin (or Groyne...)

Bench, Sunderland Point, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

After writing all day for other purposes, it's hard to motivate myself to tell you anything more about Sunderland Point. But did I tell already that it is cut off by the tide twice a day?

What makes it special is crossing the road to the island-no-more just as the water drops below the tarmac. The road is awash with mud, and the marshy banks alongside are broken by huge pools of water rushing out with the fast-moving tide. That's really special to see, and I'll try to capture it for you next time we go there just after high-tide.

Until then, here is the last of the views of that area which the causeway road takes you to: A bench (above), a house and an old wooden groin.

Squashed neighbour, Sunderland Point, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Groin, Sunderland Point, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Views of Sunderland Point

Siblings, Sunderland Point, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Boats, Sunderland Point, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

I promised you more detail about the wonderful Sunderland Point today. But I'll let a few pictures speak for the place again today instead, and add a few more tomorrow before giving you my take on the place and explaining why it's so interesting.

1. A rather cool family relax in their wonderful front garden
2. A pair of well-loved siblings explore the water's edge
3. A view of boats with the tide in, but falling

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Family looking, Sunderland Point

Took Yumiko, Yasmin & Caolan to Sunderland Point today (after Caolan's birthday party, I might add - happy 8th birthday, little man). They looked around and liked what they saw.

On a beautiful day, we took the long way round to Sambo's grave, passing cows on the beach and much else besides (more tomorrow about that). Once there, Yasmin and Caolan took one look at the 'mushroom' tribute stones and sped the few steps back to the beach to collect some stones of their own. A few quick trips back and forth later, and here is their result:

Yasmin & Caolan's stones, Sambo's grave, Sunderland Point, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.