Saturday, 8 August 2009

Yellow spires?

St Thomas' doors, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Walking past this church on Penny Street this evening, and the doors jumped out at me! Not sure if they've been recently painted or if my senses were heightened after a spicy pizza in Verdes restaurant, but St. Thomas Church sure is jazzy!

Its roof, on the other hand, maintains a sense of timeless dignity and decorum:

St Thomas' roof, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.


  1. Heavenly photos! The yellow doors are great, fresh and cheery!

  2. Those yellow doors really are very striking, and the spires are majestic against that wonderful blue sky!

  3. Nope not for me. Not sure if you coloured this too much or the powers that be at that church maybe had too much of your spicy pizza but for me religion should be a sombre affair.... no seriously, I imagine the architect is turning in his grave with those yellow doors... I shudder to think of what they may have done inside to "jazz it up" ::))

  4. Sean, these are the actual colours - I haven't added it.

    I don't have anything to do with religion, but if I were a Christian/Muslim/Jew I think I'd be happy if church leaders brightened up buildings and made the whole affair more joyous - whatever else religion is about, it should definitely celebrate life.

    p.s. looking at their website, it seems they are equally 'modern' inside too, as there are large screens and other equipment on display

  5. Church should keep up with the times. However, to do that, these old church buildings and their congregations of living and dead outside in the churchyard would have to be replaced or changed. I think "old" in the case of religion is relative but making the seats comfortable inside and putting up signs and painting nondescript doors bright colors shouldn't do any harm outside. That is just my opinion. Leaving the old masonry to wilt away under loads of acidic air pollution that turns it black and eats away at statues is not good either. That stuff is removed or I have seen it done and what is left of the spires and sculptures looks almost new again.

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  6. NB:
    Yes, it is the same tree.

  7. That is some colourful doors!

  8. Beautiful compositions! Those yellow doors are truly eye-catching!

  9. Two super compositions! I like the yellow doors, but I've noticed in this country most Anglican/Episcopal churches have painted their doors a bright red.

    Nicely done!

  10. Magnificent! I really like those yellow doors.

  11. I wonder if the yellow doors signify anything. So many churches here in Canada have RED doors. And it does mean something although at the moment I can't think of just what that is. ;-)

    I think the yellow doors are quite attractive and inviting on this building.


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