Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Gordon Brown: Judgement Day

May 6th 2010. The UK votes. Prime Minister Gordon Brown insists this is not a beauty contest, despite what Simon Cowell would have us believe. I'd like to believe this portrait is a sympathetic one.

Good Ship Scarecrow, Wray Village

On the Good Ship Scarecrow in Wray Village. These little men were about 3 inches tall. Great attention to detail on a wonderfully wacky remote control pirate ship.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Scarecrow from Wray Village, Lancashire

Along the picture-postcard streets of Wray village yesterday were dozens - perhaps hundreds, we lost count - of not so scary scarecrows.

No, that isn't a Labour Party candidate's rosette. It's a 1st place prize of some description. Couldn't quite work out how the results were organised as there appeared to be a few first prizes on show (more in later posts). Presumably, there were different categories, but what they were wasn't obvious. There was definitely a detective theme going on though...

Monday, 3 May 2010

Wray Village Scarecrow Festival 2010

Taken at the Wray Village Scarecrow Festival today, May 3 2010. Wray is a several miles from Lancaster, but was stuffed full of Lancastrians today.

More images from the scarecrow festival over the next few days, including some scarecrows of course, but also a portrait of Gordon Brown. It's election week, and politics is everywhere. The conservative village of Wray couldn't help but show its colours today, with several of the displays lampooning the Prime Minister. Rather disappointing if you ask me...