Friday, 31 July 2009

Aurora Tattoo

Iain works on David, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

David's back, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Popped into Aurora Tattoo today, who were gracious enough to let me hang around and snap while David had work done to his upper body by Iain. David didn't grimace once, and neither did Iain. But I did. Twice.

There was strong natural light coming through the large full windows just behind David's back, which undoubtedly produced a good working environment for Iain. It didn't help the photography though.

Thanks David for letting me feel your pain, and thanks Iain and the others at Aurora Tatoo for putting up with me.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

River Lune salmon

A wild River Lune salmon, proudly held aloft by Jamie of Shaw's fishmongers in Lancaster Market.

Jamie explained that this wild salmon had been caught under licence near Sunderland Point on the mouth of the River Lune. You'll notice the tag: As soon as the salmon is caught, it must be tagged and recorded by the licensed fisherman, and then again on arrival at the fishmongers. Strict controls are in place by the Environment Agency, and records of all salmon caught and sold must be matched against quotas imposed by them.

There are a limited number of licences available and Jamie confirmed there is no guarantee of a regular catch, mainly because the salmon must be caught using traditional funnel nets. Jamie, Fred and a knowledgeable customer also pointed out that these licensees catch the salmon more for love than money - they know of fishermen who have lost money over the course of the season.

Jamie took this salmon from the refridgerated storage, where it was waiting to be 'worked on' by Jamie, Fred and Kev tomorrow or Saturday morning. Because it is caught locally and brought straight to the mongers, the salmon must be left to rest for at least 24 hours until the rigor mortis has eased. Until this time, it is still too stiff to do anything with.

It was a pleasure talking with Jamie and Fred, and I hope I have done justice to the knowledge they were happy to share with me. Unfortunately we will be away over the weekend so won't have a chance to try this particular salmon, but will make a point of getting a few steaks from the next catch. Thanks guys.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


The meaning of crisp, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Yasmin mulls the fate of a thinly-sliced fried potato.

Munching, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

What is study for, if not the final reward? Yaz continues with her thinking, oblivious to the camera.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Eagles and virgins

More photos from Lancaster Priory, this time focussing on two objects of art on the floor (see earlier Priory photos here and here).

The eagle's head is from the church lectern. You can see the full piece in this photo on the Priory's homepage, where you'll also read that the lectern was presented to the Priory by E.G. Paley in 1870. (Edward Pale was a Lancaster architect - you can see his Wiki profile here).

The photo below shows a partial view of a large modern statue of Mary situated at the back of the church. My guess is that it is the most recent artistic addition to the priory's collection, but will have to confirm this after the next visit the priory - a good excuse to take more photos.

Mary in Lancaster Priory, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

This historical time-line of Lancaster Priory is worth scanning. The first building on the site dates back nearly 2,000 years, and you can find details of various additions, donations and other church-related events as well as the historical context in which they happened. Unfortunately, no mention of that statue of Mary though!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Young Lancastrians

In Lancaster Canal, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.
Wozzat?, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Went for an evening walk along Lancaster Canal.
Met Anne-Marie, Lorna and Johnny.
They were walking in the canal.
Fair enough.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lancaster Vic

A statue outside Lancaster Town Hall on Dalton Square