Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Lancaster Fire & Rescue Service

At the weekend, I was kindly allowed to watch the Lancaster Fire & Rescue Service in training and to take some action shots. You can see some of them on my photium site here. I'll add more photos to the gallery tomorrow and tell you a little more about what I saw. For now, I'll let the pictures tell the story.


  1. By and large, these folks provide an invaluable service to a community. In many cases, theirs is a dangerous job. Sometimes its thankless. We make heroes of a lot of folks who are totally undeserving. These people are real heroes!

  2. Absolutely agree Jacob - they were a friendly, happy bunch of people too, and I felt privileged to be invited in to watch them work. I hope you can see the kind of people they are from the photos too - all good faces.

  3. Funny, but I took shots of a fire and rescue training exercise last fall (never posted them, so I should dig them out) and also found everyone very friendly too.

  4. Good luck with the new site. You have some great portrait shots in there. It's something I'd like to do more of myself but people in Germany are a little less accommodating that people in Lancaster.

  5. I like the black and white firefighter images. I stopped to leave remarks about not blogging. I kept one going for now. It is a lot less strain than four, five or nine. I spent a lot of time yesterday working on photographs taken over three years of fires, firefighters, trucks and destruction. It is odd that I pop in here and see firemen...

    I was also taking pictures of wasps and trying to catch them in flight. One of my best and almost perfect was when another wasp flew into the picture.

    So the vacation is working for me. I am doing a little bit of something I enjoy. I still keep this one blog going for now.

    Today on my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog: "Painting with plants." Pick a Peck of Pixels

  6. They look like they take their job very seriously. Thank goodness for people like these brave men!

  7. I like this. The faces are anonymous and there is a little irony in the job they do... thankless but critical... great shot!

  8. EGTG, put them up!

    olli, it's probably a big-city-small-city thang...

    Abe, let me know if you post those firefighting pics - I'm sure they'll put mine to shame

    Losi, yep, they were a serious bunch, but friendly. Maybe the best combination?

    Thanks Sean. Yes, the anonymity is a pleasing aspect for me. Means I can use the photo without worry.

  9. Lois - apols for the letter ordering issue :(


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