Sunday, 2 August 2009

Two good men

Near home, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.
Near home 2, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

We cross paths regularly, so it was my pleasure to speak for the first time whilst walking with my family. A camera can be a useful icebreaker, and, as with every other member of the Lancaster community I've sought permission to photograph, they responded with gentle acceptance. My apologies to them and you for not including names or details - I didn't seek permission at the time.

Serdeczine dziekuje.

(p.s. apologies also for yesterday's missed post. Without full internet access until this evening).


  1. They look like two nice chaps!

  2. I love your portraits -- very nice!

  3. Thank you Leif and Sarah. Have been a bit busy recently so apols for late responses. I'll catch up with your blogs soon.

  4. They look like salt of the earth, Eamon. Can I judge them to be from Eastern Europe - otherwise what are the two words that you end with?

    I find people emminently approachable if my manner is low key and equal.

    I appreciate the skill with which you have minimised the shadow of the cap on each occasion. I find it can often obliterate most of the face.

  5. Yes, Julie. They are Polish. Low key and equal is a good way to describe it - especially the equal. I think the sun was helping me with the lack of shadow!


Thanks for the comment in advance. All thoughts are appreciated ~ Eamon.