Thursday, 6 August 2009

Talisman on Lancaster Canal

Talisman 2, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

This is Talisman, making its way to Hest Bank from Lancaster along the canal. And below, you can see her going under a political bridge. A few more photos of her can be found here.

Talisman, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

And here is what they left behind. Perhaps they had a drink in The Water Witch the previous evening?

The Water Witch pub, a local favourite for a quiet pint and a meal by the water.

( p.s More photos of the canal to come Julie)


  1. To some this might sound strange but I actually miss canals. None here. Gorgeous lighting running throughout

  2. Those look the the canal boats which I saw in Birmingham in June while I was at the Rotary International convention! Super!

  3. Beautiful evening panoramic. The Water Witch would definitely be my favorite watering hole.

  4. These are really nice. Looks idyllic... little romantic!

  5. Little romantic ... BIG TIME ROMANTIC!! These are grand, Eamon. That pub looks to die for.

    The barges are immaculate. Is the Talisman a private barge or does it do a run? And please, what is a "political" bridge?

    This all is gorgeous and I thank you for it.

  6. This is England! ;-)
    (So much more than Oxford street in London.)

  7. Well, it seems you all like the canal and TWW then! Julie, the Talisman is a private narrow-boat (a barge is wider, I've been told). Caught them leaving and walked alongside them taking shots for several hundred metres after asking permission.

    There is one narrow boat (Kingfisher, shown on an early post here) that takes evening tours, leaving from just opposite the WW. I'll get pictures of it tonight as it leaves or returns since it's another beautiful day here and an evening walk along the canal is on the cards. Oh yes, and the 'political bridge' just referred to the grafitti. I was tired when I wrote that... :(

  8. She's very colorful! That last shot is so beautiful. I love the way the sky is reflected in the water.

  9. Saw the B&W of Kingfisher on your shopblog. Nice image.

    A barge is wider, a narrow-boat is ... umm ... narrower ... and a canal-boat is for those of us who cannot tell the difference.

    I am intruiged by the concept ... canals, boats, locks etc ... went on the St Martins Canal on the Seine ... terrific fun.

  10. The last photo is wonderful! How nice it must be having a drink at such a traquil and beautiful spot!

  11. Great photos Eamon. I love pubs, canals, and pubs by canals.


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