Sunday, 5 July 2009

Two readers

Two readers, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Two Lancastrians reading the city centre after the shops have closed on a Sunday. The young boy I know but not the seated man. Whilst I was 'reading' them through my lens, I wondered whether either was aware he was sharing the activity with the other, let alone with the third participant.


  1. Hi Frank,

    I saw you comment on ParisDailyPhoto. You have wonderful photos here. You should join "us" the City Daily Photo bloggers!

  2. Many thanks Eric, both for the encouragement and the invite. I'm off to check citydailyphoto right now!

    All best,


  3. A belated welcome to the cdp. You really are one helluva photographer judging by the brief peek I've seen today. Good to see another UK DAILY TOO.


Thanks for the comment in advance. All thoughts are appreciated ~ Eamon.