Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bob's car

Bob Whittaker, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Bob Whittaker's kit car , originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Came across this car when we were out for a Sunday drive today. I had my camera-phone out and was taking a picture when it's owner came along.

Bob was more than happy to tell me all about his kit car, which he built himself. Hopefully he will be visiting this blog and leave a comment to tell you all about it (I'm afraid of getting some of the details wrong). What I can remember is that he wanted to get "Big Bob" as a personalised number plate, but that would have been just too expensive! Bob, if I have spelt you family name incorrectly, please let me know and I will make the necessary changes. A pleasure meeting you today and seeing your wonderful car. Thanks!


  1. Hey, Bob's driving around "topless!" Cool car, cool dude! Hope he wears a hat so he doesn't get sunburnt!

  2. Bob has a very cool car!

  3. Bob is a great engineer - he has modified the original kit extensively to produce a silk purse out of a sows ear. Enjoy it pal.

  4. Yes, Bob's car is indeed a cool bit of kit, and from what Anonymous says (I can only presume Bob has seen this post and let him know), a good engineer too.

    Bob mentioned the various parts he had added to the kit - would be great to get them listed here Bob, if you don't mind... Thanks again.

  5. Great car Bob - you've obviously worked hard on that. David

  6. Hi, Bob Whittaker here with a few details about the car. It is a CATERHAM 7 "lookalike". The kit was marketed by Robin Hood Engineering of Mansfield Woodhouse near Nottingham, hence Robin Hood I presume. I purchased the kit in 2005 completing the build and achieving SVA (single vehicle approval) and registration in July 2008 when it received an 08 registration plate. I have since changed that to a personalised plate that shows my initials.
    Some details of the car are as follows:-
    the chassis is made from 38 millimetre diameter stainless steel tubing, body panels are mirror finish stainless steel sheet, nose cone and mudguards are fibreglass, the engine is a Rover "T" series two litre 16v fuel injected developing some 140 bhp, the gear box is a 5 speed Ford MT75, the back axle and differential are Ford Sierra, with other parts on the car being from Land Rover and Peugeot, I carried out modifications on the cooling system, the braking system, the seats, the windscreen, the instruments, the fuel tank and fuel system, changed the differential for a more suitable ratio and modified the sump and the front suspension to give adequate ground clearance. In all it wasn't a very straightforward build. Having now completed the car it is fun to drive with good roadholding and driveability and brisk performance. However, it isn't exceptionally fast when put against the likes of the modern hot hatches that are available such as Golf GTI, Astra VXR, Focus STI etc etc.
    I hope you found the foregoing of interest and if you wish to contact me please use the email address

  7. Glad you found the blog and left the information Bob. Many thanks again.

  8. How does one so BIG get into something so small!!!!
    Sorry Unc, Great piece of kit and very well built I know how much work you put into it and how much Hazel must love you to allow you to do it....


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