Monday, 27 July 2009

Young Lancastrians

In Lancaster Canal, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.
Wozzat?, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Went for an evening walk along Lancaster Canal.
Met Anne-Marie, Lorna and Johnny.
They were walking in the canal.
Fair enough.


  1. Well done to them... what a nice walk it must have been.. .especially for Johnny :)!

  2. Free water aerobics, I guess?!

  3. Ha ha. I've never tied that. But if it was a warm day, why not!

  4. Oh, so walking in the canal is fairly common in Lancaster? ;-)

  5. Steffe, the thing is, it wasn't a warm day at all. In fact, pretty cold!

    YEGTG, first time I've ever seen it. But maybe I just don't get out enough!

  6. Ah yes, if there's one thing better than a nice walk along the canal it's a nice walk IN the canal. I'm often to be seen wading up the Grand Canal here in Dublin of a summer's evening, with a row of confused ducklings following behind.

  7. End of exams or just cooling off. Great photography again.

  8. hahaa ! my best friends :D
    what are they like?!
    generally, they're just bonkers :D
    but fair play to them.
    they know how to have fun ;)

  9. Yeah it was loads of fun untill they complained about lost shoes and hurt feet the whole was home XD

  10. Thanks guys. Leah and Lily, good of you to drop by and tell us about your mad friends ;)

    p.s. is anyone else having problems with these photos? Since yesterday they are not showing for me on the blog. Is it only me?


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