Monday, 14 September 2009

From Keswick to Skiddaw

More from yesterday's hike. Do you see Derwent Water? Well, just in front of it you might be able to make out the town of Keswick. That's where we parked and began walking.

So that's where we started from. The next photo is where we went, taken from the halfwayish point. Looking up that path to Skiddaw still makes my legs sing. Yasmin (11) and Caolan (7) did really well on their first real walk - five hours is hard on the legs, especially when you are ... ahem ... a little bit older than that.

Path on Lonscale Fell, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Oh, it hurt. So much so that sometimes you just had to feign interest in an old bit of collasped wall in order to rest your weary legs. "Kids, this wall needs to be photographed while lying on my back. It's a special type of shot that takes ten minutes to process. I would not lie to you."

Wall, Lonscale Fell, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Finally, take a look at my flickr account to the right and you'll see yesterday's memorial in all it's phallic glory as well as a handsome bovine family we chatted to along the way (another excuse for a rest).


  1. Really terrific post. The countryside is simply magnificent and hard to believe its beauty. Incredible. You've captured it so well.

    I love you telling the kids you had to take the ten minute break...on your get the wall shot. Too funny, but it worked I guess.

    Great post!!

  2. Fantastic landscape to walk in. I don't like the sound of it being that painful though, but I'm guessing you will soon forget about the pain and remember the rest that happened.

  3. At least you had some beautiful views on your walk, but that would have done me in! You sound like I felt the last time I chaperoned a 4 day field trip for one of my kids at DisneyWorld. Walking around 4 theme parks in 4 days was more than my legs could stand and I haven't been back!

  4. The countryside is so pretty. The population of the British Isles sound so dense (compared to Canada, LOL) that I'm always surprised to see so much land without buildings.

  5. Cheers Frank - but they aren't that gullible and they know me too well. They just laughed and called me lazy :(

    Steffe, the pain has been long forgotten!

    Thanks Alien Mind Girl.

    Lois, four days in DisneyWorld is my worst nightmare. I did two days there 20 years ago and have been dragged to Tokyo Disneyland a few times, but Disney is not my thing at all. The queues kill me!

    Your EG Tour Guide, it might be dense cf Canada but the majority of the UK is open countryside. The population is huddled into the big cities which take up a very small amount of land mass. But yes, Canada is a nature-lovers paradise from what I've heard. It's on my list of places to go soon!

  6. A very beautiful scene and a spectacular view.

  7. The images are gorgepus, Eamon, but it is the text that brings this post altogether!!


Thanks for the comment in advance. All thoughts are appreciated ~ Eamon.