Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Working on Regent Street

Working on Regent Street, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Every Tuesday, the council workers come to clear our street's rubbish. I've watched them work a few times and respect their no-nonsense approach to getting the job done. It looks like a hard graft, but they take their job seriously and do it well, and just like today, most of them are quick to smile and say hello. Good men.

One of the men was a bit loathe to have his photo taken as you can see, but the others were up for it. Many thanks guys!


  1. This is a great post, Eamon. A very nice tribute to these men whose job must not be always fun.

  2. Love the shot of them striding down the street. They do look like a friendly bunch. Many of our guys here do it for the exercise and the whole process is a jig-a-jog.

  3. I've often thought we don't give enough respect to the men (and women) who do the menial jobs in our communities - jobs which make our lives so much better!

    This is a nice tribute, Eamon!

  4. Thanks all - glad you see it as a sort of tribute. I suppose it is. Julie, I was thinking the same about exercise. It's one of the benefits of this job and probably also partly accounts for the good humour. I reckon the weather makes it a lot more attractive down under though. Winter in these parts can be harsh at times...

  5. They look like a bunch of hard workers!

  6. I always equate our winter with your summer.

    Sorry ...


Thanks for the comment in advance. All thoughts are appreciated ~ Eamon.