Monday, 7 September 2009

Kids again

Yasmin, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Sometimes it good to photograph those you know best. Meet Yasmin again. And below, Caolan, her brother and Munchkin No. 2.

Caolan, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.


  1. Hmmm...methinks you could a career as a child portrait photographer. These are just excellent!

  2. I'm on it Jacob! ;) They were both a bit tired looking after just coming back from school, and having no proper backdrop I asked them to lie on the bed and rug respectively and shot them from above. Yasmin's response this morning? "I look weird." :)

  3. Those are some handsome kids you got there!

  4. Very nice portraits. I think both kids will appreciate these when they are older. ;-)

  5. Thanks Los and EGTG - they are starting to get used to seeing me with a camera in my hands every day.


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