Monday, 28 September 2009

How we feel about politicians

If only we had an Obama this side of the pond. Perhaps then we wouldn't be so despondent?


  1. I like the wit about these photos. Nice to see and read.

  2. These three are so much fun to look at!

  3. Very funny. And with most politicians there is much to be despondent about. In the U.S., most are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the global corporations.

    Obama is an exception; an exceptional man in a horrendous job trying to fix a horrendous mess created by those who came before him.

    He is also confronted by a massive group of religious fundamentalists who have merged with the political right with the one goal of bringing him down in any way possible.

    But he's the only ray of hope we have.

  4. They look like quite the characters! How did you do they funky cool writing on the pictures? Photoshop?

  5. Thanks all. Jacob, agree with all you say about Obama and his enemies. Leif, the writing is actually graffiti on those wooden 'people'.


Thanks for the comment in advance. All thoughts are appreciated ~ Eamon.