Monday, 17 August 2009

Flag-waving city

Flag-waving city, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

Last night's toilet revelations must have put nationalism on my mind; everywhere I looked this evening, flags were.

Well, one flag - dominating the city centre above Lancaster Castle.

But not the sky. The sky always wins.

The cross. The crown. The flag. The castle:

All diminished.

The sky is bigger, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.


  1. I didn't have the comments open on the sabbatical page of the Japanese lady. Do you know her? She was older than we were in 1954 so I suspect she might be deceased by now. She was at Mt Zao.

  2. No I don't know her Abe, but I know several women just like her - same generation. The photo itself also reminds me of old Ozu films.

  3. That castle makes a lovely silhouette!

  4. Excellent post! Toilet revelations?

    Two great shots with the tension resolved.

  5. Thanks Lois and jacob - J, the toilet revs refers to yesterday's post of the advertisement found in a pub's toilet. :)

  6. The colours of the sky in the second photo are luscious, Eamon. And I love the first photo for its silhouettes.


Thanks for the comment in advance. All thoughts are appreciated ~ Eamon.