Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Lindow House

A pattern, originally uploaded by Lancaster Today.

So help work this out: Which flat numbers are not in this little compound on Lindow Street, Lancaster? Is it just me or do those squiggly lines* confuse the issue? And please, don't make a snap decision on this one. Look carefully, and then look again. Twice. It may not be infinite, but surely the possibilities expand on each reading?

But there is more to report than squiggly lines and numbers from this photo. Lindow House. Lindow Street. Lindow Square. Who or what was Lindow? An answer with accompanying photos in tomorrow's post.

* Squiggly lines: A linguistic term for lines that squiggle in a squiggly way, usually from left to right but occasionally from top to bottom. [ NB: These are not 'tildes' as Hyde DP reports in the first comment - I think he just invented the term because he was jealous ;) ]


  1. Those "sqiggly" lines are actually called "tildes" and grammatically are not meant to be used as subsitutes for dashes but ...

    Presumably flats 2 and 6 have a separate entrance.

  2. Hyde DP, you've burst the bubble on this far too quickly. I wasn't expecting 'tilde' to appear until at least comment number two, but more likely number six. And sorry to say, but 'squiggly line' is a superior term in nearly every way ~ it has an eloquence that tilde clearly lacks.

    I'll hunt for that separate entrance next time I'm passing, but methinks it might not exist. This is, I hazard to guess, one of these Platform 9 3/4 situations.

  3. Squiggly line or tilde... for me its cryptic.... perhaps a reflection of my grasp of English I dont know...

  4. I've added this to the original post:

    "But there is more to report than squiggly lines and numbers from this photo. Lindow House. Lindow Street. Lindow Square. Who or what was Lindow? An answer with accompanying photos in tomorrow's post."

    One must protect one's identity. Portraying oneself as ONLY facetious can be damaging to one's online reputation.

  5. Glad to hear you see the cryptic too, Sean. Hyde DP is far too literal in his thinking < hehe >

  6. I guess everyone is wondering where flats 2 and 6 are. Nice to know we can all count. ;-)

    You say tom-AH-to and he says to-MAY-to...

    Or is it

    You say squiggly lines and he says tildes?

  7. That's it. I'm going out to investigate the case of the missing flats.

    Nice to see you sitting on the fence, Your EG Tour Guide. Please admit it - squiggly lines is the better term.

  8. I like the use of tildes as dashes. have been doing it for years!
    Welcome to the brotherhood!

  9. Steve, you'll suffer for it eventually. The Tildes Gang have got you covered. Btw, they are squiggles.

  10. Hi Eamon,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO.

    Just browsed your blog. It's a great blog with amazing pictures. I especially like your black and white photographs. They are awsome.

    May we have a link exchange?


  11. Oh, and to answer your question:

    Yes, they are relatively cheaper.

  12. Thanks Eki - yes, how do we do that?

  13. The ~ is one of my favorite keyboard symbols. Very graceful.

    An alternate possibility for flats 2 and 6 might be that flats 1 and 5 or 3 and 7 have been enlarged and are now twice as large. Double size, as it were.

    I like the "Track 9-3/4" theory but fear it may have to remain on the big screen ~:)

  14. Chuck, that's solid thinking. It will be added to the theory-box and tested against local residents' knowledge in due course.

    As for the "Track 9-3/4" theory, you probably didn't know that J.K.Rowling used to live in one of these flats in Lindow House (No. 6, I believe)? Does my theory make more sense now?

    Btw, I have no evidence that JKR did live there - it's just a haunch at this stage - but it is certainly possible, and it would begin to tie all these loose ends together if it were true.

    Too many coincidences for it NOT to be true, it seems to me. So until proved otherwise, I'll subscribe to this theory.

  15. This is a two story house, four apartments per floor. Flat 6 is directly over flat 2. They are connected on the interior and don't have a flat number because they are owner occupied and are covered by the main address minus the flat #.


  16. wrinkledman - you sound very authoritative on this subject, but what evidence do you have? As things stand Jim, the JKR theory is the most strongly supported theory. I've worked hard at developing it, and I won't give it up without a fight.


Thanks for the comment in advance. All thoughts are appreciated ~ Eamon.